Terms of use

Campus Logistik team works energetically to create a range of trainings and tools to help you keep your knowledge up to date. Complying with the terms of use means allowing Campus Logistik team to continue and expand its offers and services for its users in order to support them as best as possible.

With an annual subscription, payment is automatically made once a year, on your subscription date, by pre-authorized debit with Stripe. For an automatic stop of payment, you must yourself deactivate your recurring subscription with Stripe as well as with Campus Logistik site. Non-payment results in denied access to the site. For annual subscriptions, it is possible for a member to pay with a credit card or by money transfer. In these cases, there will be no recurrence on your enrollment date the following year. Non-payment results in denied access to the site.

The annual subscription gives a single user access to the site for 365 days. If the administration of Campus Logistik site notices that there is more than one user for the same account, the latter reserves the right to invoice for previous years and according to the number of people who have used the account.
In order to preserve copyright, it is FORBIDDEN to scan any document to make copies for another person and / or to display them on the Internet, on blogs or free groups, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. or to save them on a cd, a USB key or any informatics tool allowing documents to be saved without a written authorization from the administrator of Campus Logistik site. Any offender is exposed to the repercussions of legal proceedings.

It is strictly forbidden to sell any photos, documents, procedures, or tools from the Campus Logistik website without a written permission from the administrator of the Campus Logistik site. Any offender is exposed to the repercussions of legal proceedings.

It is strictly forbidden to sell any photos, documents, procedures, or tools from the Campus Logistik website without a written permission from the administrator of the Campus Logistik site. Any offender is exposed to the repercussions of legal proceedings.

Refund policy

Campus Logistik activities are offered through photos, videos and / or downloads. However, once the document has been downloaded or the photo or video has been viewed, reimbursement is no longer possible since Campus Logistik no longer has control over the downloaded merchandise.

There are NO exchanges or refunds once a subscription has been purchased. It is the user’s responsibility to add the promotional code to their purchase in order to benefit from it. Campus Logistik will not be able to apply the promotional code after receipt of payment.

All advice and recommendations that you will find on the Campus Logistik site are shared in a spirit of collaboration with the users. Our speakers share their professional and personal experiences to help users as best as possible. Under no circumstances can a member of the Campus Logistik team be held responsible for reading and listening to advice and recommendations available on the website. Additionally, the advice and recommendations received by email are to support users while trying to find solutions to their problems. Also, if a user and one of our professionals need to meet to discuss the matter further, the professional in question may reserve the right to charge the user an amount of money. Additional costs remain at the discretion of each professional.

Members who have an annual or group plan can take advantage of discounts for professional services. Non-members can also access this service, but will pay the regular price. Each professional reserves the right to invoice an amount of money to the client according to the service agreement and / or the quote that he has submitted beforehand. The amount may differ depending on the services and / or professionals.

Despite the rigor that the team takes to the content, Campus Logistik is not responsible for any errors that may occur on the website. We invite you to contact us in the contact us section or at [email protected] to inform us of any irregularities on the website.
Communication between users and Campus Logistik site staff must be respectful. Any Any form of violence automatically terminates the membership of the member in question without notice.

In the “Resources” section, the product you see on the screen may look slightly different when printed. (Depending on the quality of your ink or printer, the colors may differ a bit). Campus Logistik disclaims all liability in this regard.

Note that when you are a member of an annual subscription, you do not need to pay for other items in the Virtual Store (unless you want to purchase trainings excluded from your package). However, if you do not have a subscription, you may not have access to all content (exclusive content). So, it is possible for you to purchase other products ‘a la carte’. In these cases, no refund is possible. In these cases, no refund is possible.
When there is an increase in training, annual subscription and / or group fees, active members of the Campus Logistik website will be informed via our newsletter. If the active member remains subscribed to their current plan and the latter continues to pay for its recurrence (via Stripe) without cancellation (on their own initiative, non-payment or non-compliance with the conditions of use) it will not submit to the current increase, that is to say it will continue to pay the fees when registering. Consequently, if the member is no longer active, due to the reasons mentioned above or if he has paid for his subscription directly with his credit card or by money transfer, the latter will have to pay the increased fees, in real time, when signing up for one of the plans again.

Anyone who violates the terms of use is liable to the repercussions of legal proceedings as well as the cancellation of his account on the Campus Logistik website without refund.

For all subscriptions or products purchased on the site, we apply sales tax as follows:

  • Quebec GST 5%, QST 9.975%
  • Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador HST 13%
  • Nova Scotia HST 15%
  • British Columbia HST 12%
  • Other Canadian provinces GST 5%
  • Outside of Canada No tax

About Stripe

Thanks to Stripe, your transactions will always be transmitted securely since Stripe complies with SSL secure transmission standards. Indeed, your payments will be made directly to Stripe. Rest assured that Campus Logistik will not keep any computer data concerning the information of a credit card of any transaction carried out.